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JHC is a local, friendly charity at the
heart of the Sawston Community.

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Help & advice

The JHC Support Service has become
a very popular resource for people
living in and around Sawston.
Support workers Jan and Sarva can
see clients for appointments at the
charity’s office and sometimes for
home visits and they can also act as
advocates with other agencies.

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Over the last decade JHC has helped
29 families move on to permanent
accommodation and we currently
house almost 60 people in the
village. We have a stock of 22
almshouses in Sawston which are
managed for us by King Street
Housing Society, based in Cambridge.

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In recent years JHC has given a
wide range of grants and bursaries
to support the specific needs of
school children, vulnerable adults
and many more. The charity can
provide grants for essential items
as well as emotional support and
is always a friendly place to visit.

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John Huntingdon’s Charity

A letter from the Charity Manager 

Welcome to JHC,

I hope 2018 is a healthy and prosperous year for everyone – it certainly promises to be another busy one for our team here at the John Huntingdon Centre.

We have a stock of 22 alms-houses currently and are always seeking opportunities to add more properties to the list, for the benefit of local people. For example, we’re very excited to be developing our former headquarters in Tannery Road into two, 2-bedroom houses which will be available in February.

We also want to ensure our support continues to be relevant (and flexible) so that local individuals and groups can benefit from JHC’s services and grants whenever possible. In addition to these, local residents can access CAB drop-ins, South Cambridgeshire District Council, Mind in Cambridgeshire and Relate Counselling services through JHC.

We welcome your ideas and feedback, either by email or in person, so please keep in touch. And don’t forget to sign up for the JHC newsletter offering our latest news and announcements as they happen.

Jill Hayden,

Charity Manager






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John Huntingdon Centre development

As you can see from the photos, our new John Huntingdon Centre is now finished!

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