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JHC is a local, friendly charity at the
heart of the Sawston Community.

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Help & advice

The JHC Support Service has become
a very popular resource for people
living in and around Sawston.
Support workers Jan and Sarva can
see clients for appointments at the
charity’s office and sometimes for
home visits and they can also act as
advocates with other agencies.

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Over the last decade JHC has helped
29 families move on to permanent
accommodation and we currently
house almost 60 people in the
village. We have a stock of 22
almshouses in Sawston which are
managed for us by King Street
Housing Society, based in Cambridge.

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In recent years JHC has given a
wide range of grants and bursaries
to support the specific needs of
school children, vulnerable adults
and many more. The charity can
provide grants for essential items
as well as emotional support and
is always a friendly place to visit.

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JHC Latest News

John Huntingdon’s Charity

Message from David Baslington, JHC Chair

As I enter the 9th year in my role as a trustee I reflect that it has often felt like waves of the sea where much of the time I’m paddling in the shallows with my trousers rolled up to the knee. It’s pleasant and fun and I am able to carry on a coherent conversation whilst making progress along the shore. Other times, the breakers roll in and I feel out of my depth!  Thankfully the task is shared by a group of very committed and able staff, fellow trustees and other volunteers; all done with great professionalism.

This picture of life describes well where JHC works.  By the provision of help and advice, housing and grants we work with those whose circumstances have become a little overwhelming and who simply need to get back to ‘paddling depth’.

However, we don’t just work when life is overwhelming.  JHC has much to offer to stop things getting out of control in the first place.  We welcome an early intervention so I would encourage anyone to come and speak with the team to see how we can help.  If you are struggling with forms, money matters or benefits please don’t wait until things become too difficult.  We will be delighted to assist.

I am delighted to report that, with the conversion of our old offices in Tannery Road, we now have 2 new properties.  Residents moved into Cullum House in February (much to the relief of locals who endured the building process!).  That’s two more families provided with new homes, bringing our portfolio up to 24 properties.

We have a number of other new developments and initiatives under discussion.  At JHC we believe that our village is in a unique position to grow intelligently and creatively and we are well-placed to help ensure Sawston continues to thrive and evolve.

David Baslington

How can I help?

There are plenty of ways to get involved with JHC. Click here for more information