JHC was founded over 500 years ago when local landowner John Huntingdon and his wife Joyce left three parcels of land to benefit directly the people of Sawston. They also asked that a field of peas be sown every year and this tradition continues to this day with an annual festival in the village.

JHC today

With a growing population of over 7,000 residents, Sawston is now recognised as a great place to live, with good schools and easy access to Cambridge and the region’s road and rail infrastructure.

However, JHC recognises that not everyone living locally benefits directly from the region’s relatively stable economy. Even in the 21st Century, some people are still financially disadvantaged because of age, health, unemployment, lack of housing and educational need.

Driven by John Huntingdon’s legacy, we continue to use our resources to offer support flexibly for local people.

Since 2000 we have moved 46 families on to permanent accommodation. Today, working closely with South Cambs DC, we house almost 90 people in the village.

JHC cares about local employment and economic growth too. We recently created two residences and two small business units from an empty commercial property in the heart of Sawston.

And in recent years JHC has provided land for amenities that benefit our whole community including Sawston’s Medical Centre, its Nursery, a community orchard and Mill Lane allotments.

Our board of trustees is always open to hearing about new opportunities to extend our reach.


“I think JHC are brilliant!”
Recent client with a housing issue