Working with children & young people

In the late 1990s John Marven retired as Principal of Sawston Village College and joined the JHC Board of Trustees, bringing with him a wealth of educational vision and skills.

As a result, the charity focused on developing the Sawston Nursery building as a place where the disadvantaged would have the same opportunities as others, giving young children any extra attention they needed. The Nursery is in even more demand today.

The charity has supported Romsey Mill for several years and at the beginning of 2015 our Trustees decided to further increase this backing. Since then we have helped to fund Ollie Leonard to provide a range of activities for young people in Sawston that are accessible to all.

JHC continues to build on its strong track record of supporting children and young people, often working in partnership with local schools and directly with families. We are currently exploring a range of options for involving young people directly – Sawston’s ‘next generation’ – and welcome ideas about this from local schools and groups.