Our plans

John Huntingdon’s Charity continues to support local people through its range of services including advice and grants which will evolve to meet our community’s changing needs.

We also recognise there is a particular demand nationally for more safe, affordable and attractive housing; we are in an almost unique position locally of having land that could be made available to help provide new homes.

Not only would this enable JHC to meet its charitable remit to provide housing for the benefit of those who are in conditions of need, hardship or distress who live, work and study in the Parish of Sawston and elsewhere locally.

It would also help the village to attract new residents, including young families keen to get involved with local life, bringing with them fresh ideas whilst they contribute to the local economy.

Babraham Road land: one of the Charity’s remaining pieces of land, this has been identified in the local plan as an area suitable for development but only if it is developed as a whole with the two adjoining land owners, Ward’s Charity and R J Driver Trust. In 2017, Bidwell’s was appointed to act as Land Agent for all three landowners and collaboration agreement is currently being drawn up.

14-16 Mill Lane: work on this redevelopment will begin later in November 2018. Having demolished the current properties we plan to replace them with four 2-bedroom flats, each with their own private garden space.