Grants case study

Grants Case Study 1

Kerry is a 35 year old single parent who has lived in Sawston for several years; she has two children and works part time. She has recently been offered a bigger property with a new housing association, which is more suitable for her needs.

However, before Kerry can move she must clear any rent and council tax arrears and utility bills.

Working with JHC, a benefit check was carried out and, although Kerry was found to be claiming all that she was entitled to, she had a shortfall on her rent due to her low income. This had resulted in some rent arrears.

A member of the JHC team helped Kerry to complete a Discretionary Housing Payment form which was then submitted to South Cambridgeshire District Council. The payment was awarded, resulting in an increase in Housing Benefit and help with some of Kerry’s arrears. Having done this, Kerry was able to reach a realistic and affordable repayment plan to clear the remainder of them before her move.

However, she also owed one instalment of Council Tax and had an outstanding water bill so a JHC grant was awarded to clear these remaining liabilities. This enabled Kerry to move into her new property debt free and with no rent arrears.

Finally, a further grant was awarded to Kerry that enabled her daughter to enjoy a school trip with her classmates.

Absolutely amazing, you are complete lifesavers! JHC client who recently received a grant.